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Sunday 13 January 2013

Pointless Twitter Arguments With Liverpool Fans

One of the best things about following football is having some fun banter with supporters from other teams. Most of the time. When they are good at it. People often ask me what it is that makes me so anti-Liverpool, and I think my experiences today go some way to explaining it.

Today Man U and Liverpool met at Old Trafford, in a game that was never going to be friendly, and therefore promised a whole host of opportunities to take the piss. I was looking forward to it. As a Chelsea supporter, on paper a Liverpool win would have been better for me, given that Man U have been pulling away from us and everyone else in the Premiership, but fuck that for a game of soldiers.

In general, I have always respected Manchester United and Alex Ferguson (though I can't look directly at him because for some reason he makes me feel really nauseous. I think it's the chewing). A good team, who back up their record historically by still being, you know, good. Manchester United are one of football's biggest teams, and not just in the minds of people who are all nostalgic for the days when footballers retired at 35 and bought a pub, but in everybody's minds. Manchester United's fans are also, in my experience, good fans to banter with. They get the spirit of it. I can happily argue for hours with an articulate Man U fan about their team and ours, and will generally end up wanting to buy them a beer rather than set fire to their dog. Of course, if an argument between a Chelsea fan and a Man United fan gets too heated, one of you can always defuse it by saying "Fuck Liverpool, though, right?".

For these reasons, I have quite a lot of Manchester United supporters on my Twitter, and like many of the Chelsea supporters I talk to on there, I have a propensity to back them up in the banter against the Liverpool fans. The trouble with this is that it seems that all of the smart Liverpool fans are in a bunker somewhere working on a time machine to take them back to the days of Ian Rush, leaving only people whose debating skills begin and end with "I know you are, but what am I?", and whose imagination when it comes to finding things to have a pop at Chelsea fans about begins and ends with some nonsense about plastic flags, which I believe was first brought to their attention by that Go Compare guy looking fool who reckons he's going to manage Real Madrid when we finally get rid of him.

My story of Liverpool fan induced rage begins, as these things are wont to do, with the inevitable "Munich thing". This is the single most irritating thing in a cacophony of irritating things Liverpool supporters en masse will do. For all the bleating they do about Justice for the 96 (including that bloody Christmas record, which if you ask me took the piss. He Ain't Heavy? For people who got crushed to death? Seriously? Why not go the whole way and do Harder to Breathe by Maroon 5? Actually I have quite a few of these "songs they should have done" jokes but unlike Liverpool supporters for the last 23 years, we'll move on), they think it is absolutely fine to go on about the Munich disaster when they meet with Man U. By all accounts the Munich chants were out during the game (and you could hear it on TV during the bits where the Liverpool fans weren't silently sulking), and on Twitter, #Munich was trending in Liverpool, and I don't think it was because they were all discussing the Bundesliga.

Whether the other stories coming out of Old Trafford, like that there were Liverpool fans spitting on disabled Man U fans, were true only someone who was there could tell you, and I wasn't, but frankly, would you put it past them? The Munich stuff was there for all to see.

A Chelsea fan I follow on Twitter said something about Liverpool fans thinking it is fine to sing whatever they want, but crying if anyone does anything back (e.g. raising the whole "Heysel thing", you know, with the murdering and such - the one part of their "history" they don't want us to bang on about for the rest of time, because it's more than a little shameful). I replied to him, saying "90% of their songs are about Munich, aren't they?". It was a mild barb that I thought he would agree with the spirit of, nothing I thought anyone other than him would really notice, but it started this whooooole thing, which basically served as a microcosm for all of the things I hate about Liverpool fans and their lack of banter skills.

First came somebody calling themselves @ILOVEFOWLER - I have provided the link so you can see exactly what kind of semi-literate we are dealing with here, because it makes what she said all the more amusing. I know that really, saying anything remotely mean about someone who really loves Robbie Fowler and lives in, as she calls it "shit wrexham" (sic), is like beating up a retarded kid and therefore not cool, but if you're going to get all ad hominem on me over a tweet about the classless behaviour of your team's fans, then I'm probably going to write about you.

She replied with:

I can see why someone might think I was a thick fuck if I had done a statistical analysis of all of Liverpool's chants and reached the solution that 90% of the chants were about United (I had actually said 90% were about Munich, but we'll gloss over that for now) - that would be wrong and show me to be appalling at maths - so I explained as follows, that that was not the case:

I'd wager quite a lot of money that ol' Charm School here does not know what "hyperbole" means, and would probably, were she to try and say it, pronounce it "hyperbowl", so I know this was kind of a smug wanker sort of reply, but hey, whose go to response for being called a "thick fuk" isn't to use a long word and criticize the spelling and grammar of the antagonist? Standard. Her reply, I suspect, was also standard:

Well, at least she learnt to spell "fuck" the second time around - I feel like one of those people who's taught a monkey to count to potato or something. Nobody's ever called me ugly before, but I am so hurt that on the back on my tiny Twitter picture this person can tell that indeed, I am a hideous beast, and presumably nobody has ever had the heart to tell me before, that rest assured, I'll be calling a cosmetic surgeon first thing on Monday morning.

Later, she despairs at the pasting all the nasty people on Twitter have been giving her for saying things like the above to me, and something along the lines of "u hit evry branch on da way out of da ugly tree" to some man (I am paraphrasing, I am not great at this spelling like a cretin thing), by announcing to her followers:


Elsewhere, there was this guy:

Incorrect, fucktard. I used to live a short walk from the Bridge and go all the time. I live in Seattle now, so not so much (though I do have a season ticket at Seattle Sounders, which apparently offends these people, who don't believe you can be a "real fan" and support two teams in completely separate leagues but fuck, what am I supposed to do, live and die within ten miles of where I was born like some kind of dark ages peasant? Give up liking football because I emigrated and get really into the Mariners instead? Become an "armchair fan" and take all their shit for that equally heinous crime?), though thanks to Chelsea's US tour last summer I did get to see them play live once in 2012, which is one more time than a lot of Liverpool fans I know in the UK. This guy is a season ticket holder at Anfield, so I'm not having a pop at his dedication, but he suggested I wasn't a real Chelsea fan because I was (heaven forfend) talking about Liverpool instead of Chelsea (on a day when Chelsea didn't play), when he has as his Twitter page background... Well, take a look: - if that isn't about Chelsea then I don't know what is.

The glory hunter thing came up a few times, and seriously, it is deeply meaningless when it comes from Liverpool supporters from places like "shit Wrexham". These people have no idea how long I have supported Chelsea (it's since about 1994, when I first got into the sport), but in any case, to assume that a team that was consistently top six before Roman (I got told off for calling him by his first name in a tweet as well, so I'm doing it again) bought them, which featured great players like Gianfranco Zola, and had success in the FA Cup and European Cupwinner Cup had no supporters at the time is just assinine. In reality, Liverpool's non Liverpudlian fanbase comprises almost nothing but glory hunters if you think choosing a team that win things and has players you admire when you're a kid is a bad thing, it's just that the kids that picked Liverpool in the 80's have now grown up to find the glory isn't coming, and they are so butthurt about it they have to knock people who made better fucking life choices, and consequently not only get to enjoy watching good football, but also don't have to pretend to like Luis Suarez or that they don't find the Scouse accent as horrific as everybody else does.

Check out this guy:

His Twitter backdrop says he wants to be buried at Anfield, because that's where he was born and where he will die. He called me and a few of my friends glory hunters. Pretty tough talk, I bet he's Liverpool through and through, probably lived there his whole life and... No, wait, he's from Canada. The French part too.

Good football banter is about the players, the culture, the managers, the topical stuff going on. It is imaginative, funny, and somewhat tongue in cheek, and you get into it fully prepared to take a "mullering" yourself from time to time. You get to crow about it when you win, but when your guy skies it, or you lose to fucking QPR, you know you're going to get it in the neck and you have to take that with good humour. You don't cry, you don't say "it's disgusting for you to say that X player was a bad buy because of X tragic thing that happened a really long time ago", you don't refer anyone who criticizes your team to some arbitrary point in history when you were good, and you don't have a hissy fit and start making baffling and unfounded personal insults. And you certainly don't do this:

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  1. We are a group dedicated to the respect of the 96 online.

    There is NO justification for any sullying of the memory of the dead from any disaster/tragedy.

    However your article is clearly biased.

    We hope you realize that you've committed several acts of libel in this article and have completely ignored the taunts about H'Boro, Heysel etc that occur EVERY day on twitter etc.

    Munich chants were NOT heard on commentary.

    No media picked up on them BUT the media did pick up on the vile behaviour of MUFC fans on Sunday with the chants of "Murderers" etc. As an example see the Telegraph reports.

    Two wrongs do not make a right and we consider any so-called LFC fan who cites Munich to NOT be a true fan. BUT basically you're also in danger of incitement by this article by spreading the idiots even further.

    If you had made this a blog about how it should be stopped BY ALL it would have been much less biased.

    CFC fans are also give out certain vile chants / abusive online behaviour too.

    Every club has it's idiots but you are wrong to assume that they are the majority or indeed indicative of a club's stance on the matters.

    We would suggest your attention in future would be much better placed trying to rid social media and indeed the behaviour in the stands of this sort of stuff instead of spreading it further.

    Also pretty sure that LFC the club would be VERY interested in this article from a legal point of view.

    Be careful what you blog.

    1. what a wanker

    2. I know. They're being all sneaky and smug about it on the Twitter as well (where in other news "ugly fuk" girl has changed her profile picture to probably the most desperate display of wonky cleavage and fish pout ever told...) like "oooh, that'll teach the cockney twat - don't retweet it though!"... Bless their hearts.

    3. One word: Heysel.

  2. What a terrifying warning. We all know what happens when bloggers piss off LFC! Unfortunately for you I am not ignorant enough to believe for one minute that I said anything illegal. This was actually one of my less offensive posts. Did you read the Alan Davies one? You'll *hate* that.

    While I do write for a living for other people and sites and in those cases represent something other than myself, this is my personal blog, and contains only my own opinions. I write it to make jokes and express my views, largely for people possessed of similar views to laugh at, but you know, if it pisses off a few people, that's all good too. I did not write it to try and change fucking football for the better, merely to shine a light on some of the crap I'd seen happen on Twitter - and more than anything to give my readers a bit of a laugh at some morons. Laughing at morons is fun (Do you ever have fun? Because it seems like you are a bit too bloody earnest for your own good - sometimes I think the collective sense of humor of Liverpool fans died along with the 96). I can therefore say whatever the hell I like, and if it's biased, that's because I'm biased and I wrote it, and because I'm not on some bloody crusade, I am just taking the piss. Personally I don't care if the LFC fans mentioned here like me, hate me, or masturbate screaming my name (sorry, I can't take credit for that line, I read it somewhere. Good though, isn't it?) - if I did I wouldn't have written the damn piece.

    I did say you could hear the chants on the TV, because I believed I could. I was watching the American coverage (because I live in America, home of free speech - it does say that in the article but you probably didn't read it properly in your eagerness to start with your pissing and whining and meaningless nonsense about "the law"), which I doubt very much you were, so you don't even know what was on the broadcast I was referring to. If I was wrong it was probably just my generally inability to understand what the fuck Scousers are saying (I described it in a previous post as "like someone going at some pig iron with a chainsaw. Do you suppose that's "libel" too?).

    So, in conclusion, thanks for commenting, but my regular, non mental readers will be pleased to know I won't be being any more careful than usual in future posts.

    1. As expected insults and derogatory comments.

      Here's a little bit of free advice.
      In the UK where the people you've directly insulted including this account there is a law called the Communications Act 2003.

      If you target abuse towards UK residents whether you are in the UK or not that law comes into effect.

      Libelling people is not freedom of speech btw - it's abuse. So for you to ridicule the abusers and then to abuse people commenting demonstrates clearly the level of intelligence and hypocrisy.

      Oh and your prejudices against "scousers" in general is actually a form of racism. Don't tarnish everyone from Liverpool or anywhere else with the same brush - that says more about you than them too.

      Blogs are broadcasting - whether they be opinion or not: they still fall under the remit of written material.

      Enjoy the consequences.

      From non-scouser but LFC fans who are insulted by your prejudices. But then again we don't expect you to understand ... at all.

    2. You know when you clicked on this blog and you received a warning that the site was for a mature audience due to the abuse and swearing, did you actually think that you would end up reading about daffodils and happy goats running around on mountain tops?

      The whole point of this blog is for someone to express their own opinion related to the world around them. If you don't like it, don't read it - yes it really is that simple.

      And I think Liverpudlians are used to having the piss taken out of them - it's called banter. You need to get over yourself mate and get a life.

    3. Someone needs to read Section 127 of the act and then he will see that nothing here contravenes it. There needs to be a threat or deliberate falsehood

    4. Ironically, they have both threatened and lied about me on Twitter, and they seem to do it about anyone who writes anything they don't like (which is why their website keeps getting suspended - it's suspended now, and that hasn't got anything to do with me, not that they believe me!), yet they keep citing a law that incriminates them, and not me...

  3. Consequences... Well, actually, that was one of the reasons I wrote the article (I'm going to be serious here for a minute so apologies to the people waiting for me to say "fuck you and the horse you rode in on" or something) - the tweets I quote in this article were sent to me by people I didn't know existed until they decided to start with the nonsense. Twitter is a public forum, and these were all publicly visible tweets. I thought, what the hell, they think they can act like assholes with no consequences, let's see what happens if I use that as material for an article. You will note that none of the stuff I have said about these people is a lie, and I haven't published anything they said that wasn't on a public forum, i.e. Twitter, so while I may have been scathing, no crime has been committed there. Typical Liverpool crybaby behaviour in full effect - you can slag off a stranger on Twitter, but if they happen to do a better job of slagging you off back, you can't handle it. If insulting people or making humorous (and trust me, a lot of people found it very humorous) observations about them is a crime, jails would have the best stand up nights around.

    Taking the piss out of the Scouse accent is not racist, and suggesting that it is is actually deeply patronizing to people who have been subject to real racism. Nobody is going to be making a sequel to Django Unchained about a guy from Liverpool who gets the piss taken out of him in London and therefore beats up a bunch of cockneys outside of McDonalds. Do you really think you have a fraction of an idea what racism feels like if someone from a different part of the country says you talk funny? Have a word with yourself. It's all tongue in cheek anyway - I actually quite like Everton.

    So, what does the law firm of Shitty the Bull and Partners have to say to that?

    1. typical .. avoiding any responsibility for your own behaviour on twitter. Looked at your TL - you were at fault too. This is the whole problem with your blog - you've made examples of other people but not posted how it happened, your responses etc.

      People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

      If you want examples of regular abuse about H'Boro etc go have a look at and look at the Rogues Gallery. That site is geared towards exposing abusers - this group also tackles Munich abusers too - in fact the last so-called LFC fan you quoted in this article was given some real tough education from some other LFC fans on twitter after posting the tweet you quoted. You didn't bother to look at that did you. Balance ... Nah you are just on a premeditated agenda.

      Taking the micky out of an accent isn't racist in itself BUT your stereotyping of fans, and "typical Liverpool crybaby behaviour" is ... prejudicial at the very least.

      But if you want to persist with it ... Do so - can't say you haven't been warned. Enjoy the 15 minutes of shame.

    2. 15 minutes of shame? Siri, do I have 15 minutes free? Yeah, I reckon I do. You seem to be assuming that absolutely everyone agrees with you though, and I can tell you that is not the case.

      People in glass houses my ass - sure I replied to the tweets, and anyone who wants to can have a look at my timeline and see. I don't delete tweets, just like I don't delete your laborious comments on my blog. I'm accountable for the stuff I write, just as much as the people quoted here.

      Why am I supposed to be balanced? I'm not the Independent on bastarding Sunday. I have been writing this blog for years and most people get the tone of it. Believe it or not, you're not really my target audience.

  4. You worry too much about LFC! better worry more about your stupid ugly club with no history

  5. You worry too much about LFC! you have an obsession with our club it's even suck up to Mancs!!! LOL better worry more about your stupid ugly, rotten club with no history and no real fans!! just glory hunters from the USA

  6. Stupid thing is, if the people I talk about here asked me to, and weren't assholes about it, I would consider altering it to remove any reference to them. I'm not here to cause any serious problems for anyone. But they haven't.

  7. You have already caused serious problems for them. Too late. There are real people on the end of each twitter account. But then again wouldn't expect you to appreciate that.

    This is what kicked it all off wasn't it Melanie ....

    "@19ATT92 90% of their songs are about Munich aren't they ?" ... 13th Jan 2013 10:49am

    Err factually incorrect and you continued to slur people on your TL when they responded to YOUR provocation about Munich. You kicked all of this off not them.

    Why don't you just do the honourable thing ? Delete this blog entry and have a re-think. It would be really, really wise to do so.

    Not wise either to refer to people trying to reason with you as being "assholes". More provocation.

    1. "You have already caused serious problems for them. Too late. There are real people on the end of each twitter account. But then again wouldn't expect you to appreciate that."

      Says the guy who goes around attempting to round people up on twitter and direct others to abuse them. "She would be wise to think again" and "She really needs to be taken down a peg."

      You are the biggest twat I have ever seen. No wonder you support Liverpool.

  8. That wouldn't be the honorable thing. The honorable thing is to stand by my words and not take down something I spent time writing because of some vague threats from someone who doesn't agree with me.

    I believe I said "If the people I talk about asked me to, and weren't assholes about it...". They didn't ask me to, so I'm not calling them assholes. Did you think I was talking about you? Because that's a bit self centered given you're not even mentioned in the article, as far as I knew just chipped in because you're trying to bang that girl I wrote about or something (normally I wouldn't have to explain I don't mean this 100% literally).

    Of course that was the tweet she replied to, otherwise her reply doesn't even make sense (you know, contextually - it was never going to make sense grammatically). Sure I'd been involved in other conversations, it was a match day, we all get pretty busy on there, but as I said, my readers are welcome to look at my timeline - nobody wants to read a full "he said, she said" account of my day in blog form, this isn't one of those blogs where people talk about what they had for lunch and their cat after all.

  9. More accusations ... stick to writing Pokemon ... Melanie ... it's the right level.

    Not threats either. But if you continue to be abusive towards this account then you will be hearing about it further.

    Actually your phrase says "weren't assholes about it" implying that you already think they would be "assholes" about it.

    Nowhere was it claimed you were referring to this account either. That's an assumption YOU'VE made.

    Your blog entry implies that you didn't have anything to do with starting this. WRONG.

    Your blog entry insults French Canadians - racist.

    Your blog entry breaches UK law. Illegal.

    Tried to reason with you. The honourable thing is for you to get your facts straight, stop abusing people and get a grip. But then again ... that would require a conscience. Don't think you have one.

    Not debating this anymore... the relevant people who need to act on this are already informed.

    1. Well well well, here comes an Internet Tough Guy out to try and threaten, intimidate and generally be a fucking asshole. And to top things up its a fucking Liverpool supporter claiming to be doing this in the name of Justice for the 96.

      Fuck off you wanker.

      "This is libel." WRONG. You obviously have no idea how libel laws actually work.

      "This is racist because it insults French Canadians and Scouse." WRONG AGAIN ASSHOLE.

      "Your blog entry breaches UK law." WRONG. Even if it did, the UK law you are so fond of siting when it comes to such things would find you in violation of since it has to do with harassing and "annoying" behaviour.

      Oh, and congratulations for having your website frozen for abuse. You're a fucking joke.

      LFC is going to take legal action against this blog entry? And the countless thousands of blog entries around the globe that take the piss out of that joke of a club too, I imagine? Whatever, baby dick. Last I checked they had sacked Jen Chang because of a PR disaster caused by him for harassing a blogger, so I don't think they will be doing any of that any time soon.

      "Delete this blog entry. It would be really wise to do so." Fuck you Internet Tough Guy. Anyone that says shit like that is a fucking wanker. If it was me that wrote this post, I'd meet you halfway though, in the spirit of working together and compromising. If it were me, I'd be more than happy to take the post down - after you eat the peanuts out of my shit.

      In conclusion, you, sir, are an asshole. And not just any asshole, mind, but an asshole who takes the memory of people who died under very tragic circumstances and then uses that tragedy as a shield to hide behind when you bust out your whole little cyberbully wanker routine. You want to talk about people "dedicated to the respect of the 96" while you do everything you possibly can from your stolen computer in your council house to turn the cause of justice for the 96 and their memory into a fucking joke. It's no wonder people take the piss out of it with cunts like you "defending their memory." Fuck off and see if you can find some justice for the 39 Italian supporters that you lot murdered, you fucking pig. Keep saying that anyone with anything bad to say about fucking LFC is sullying the memory of the 96 while you keep singing Munich to United, spitting on handicapped supporters, and denying that you didn't cause Heysel.

    2. Time to stop feeding the trolls. The Honourables? Thats a joke in itself.

      (a different anonymous) by the way

  10. Oh, I definitely did assume they would be assholes about it. I would be, if I were them.

    Stick to writing Pokemon? That's confusing. You think I write Pokemon? What, the game or the TV show? I don't even speak Japanese... If that's your attempt at being witty I can see why you don't go in for the jokes so much - that was just baffling.

    Anyway, yes, this is all rather tedious, and you still haven't really explained what it is you're threatening me with or how I've broken the law, and those are the only things that piqued my curiosity in all of this low grade Mitchell brothers menace you're trying to give off, so I think I'll go and do something else instead too.

    1. Lol - can you imagine if you were actually reported Mel?

      What is the crime?

      Well she's written about Liverpool and not been very nice about my favourite club.

      Then what happened?

      Well I decided to tell her to start writing Pokemon because it was the funniest thing that I could think of at the time. Oh and I also threw a few threats around, ya know just to try to get her to remove the post.

      And did you know the blog was for over 18's?

      Well I clicked on something when I found her blog but I didn't actually read it so I don't know what it says.

      And you have nothing better to do?

      No sir.

      Well I'm afraid we won't be taking things further. Just go and sit in a corner and watch some cartoons until the confusion passes. Rainbows and fluffy clouds will make you feel better and you'll regret wasting so much time on an argument you will never win.

    2. Seems like you've written a play there, Ginnster :). Who would play the role of the LFC guy, I wonder? Answers on a postcard...

    3. Well I reckon it is now a play with a twist considering they have been stalking you n' all. I think the LFC guy would have to be played by the guy in Juno - he manages to pull of spotty, wimpy teenagers pretty well.


  12. As an update on this story, they have started to take action against me! It seems the action in question involves "doing a bit of digging on the internet and making some pony assed threats". Well, their digging has revealed some interesting things, like MY LINKEDIN PAGE! Oh noes! Imagine if people could just find *that* willy nilly...

    They also unearthed some frankly baffling stuff. They reckon they know where my dad lives. They haven't even got the right country, so they don't, but if they did, what would that be useful for exactly?

    They also, and this answers one question (i.e. what the hell he was on about with the Pokemon thing) but raises so many more I can't even begin, think I write Pokemon fanfiction, posing as a 14 year old boy, here: Presumably they think this because this kid's internet handle (Ninja Mongoose) is the same name I used for a copywriting business I started a couple of years back but never did much with, but sorry fucktards - it's not me (and I think anyone who has read anything I've written, were they to compare it to this Pokemon stuff, will see that right away). This means, I'm afraid, that they are probably harassing an actual 14 year old boy...

    They also found out my age. I bet that was difficult, given that this morning I tweeted something along the lines of "Officially in the last month of my twenties".

    It seems that "The Honourables" website has been taken down for abuse. That has nothing to do with me, I'm not going to go crying to anyone because you've been trying to dig stuff up about me - to be honest I'm enjoying seeing how hilariously wrong the shit you're coming up with is. So presumably, they do this sort of thing all the time. You'd think they'd be better at it.

  13. ......I often masturbate while screaming your name....

  14. Sorry love but there isn't a (genuine) Chelsea fan in the world that wanted the Mancs to win on Saturday, and I say that as a fan. Also, your comments about Hillsborough are disgusting. If you'd been to a game at any time in the 80's you wouldn't post such ignorant bollocks. So wind ya neck in, you sound more like a Manc than Chelsea and it's embarrassing.

    1. I'm sorry you feel that way, but I didn't make any comments about Hillsborough at all (except that one about the song, but seriously - nobody liked the damn song, that has nothing to do with anything). I know plenty of Chelsea fans who wanted the Mancs to win, and those who didn't were, as they say "supporting the meteor".

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. Why did you remove my comment?
    You re-post all the insults you've received above and yet you remove non-confrontational posts from a fellow Chelsea fan?
    Please explain?

  17. Ah, sorry about that - I was informed you were a troll account (I don't know if that's true), and I didn't want to get into yet more arguments while I have the Liverpool lynch mob on my case! I'll restore it.

  18. This blog really lacks any class on your part. It could have been a really good piece on twitter trolls and scumbag fans but instead you went all out to provoke Liverpool fans as you seem to have an agenda against them. No you did not hear Munich chants as you get the exact same feed on TV in the USA as we do here. Fox (or whoever) don't send cameras and microphones over, they pay for the feed from sky or whoever is covering the match. That is therefore a lie and provocation. This is one of quite a few lies on your blog that you made public domain. Why the need to bring Hillsborough or the song up? You knew that would lead to people insulting you no? "He Ain't Heavy? For people who got crushed to death?" Seriously, that is a lack of class going there, you may or may not know the song was used at Goodison Park in respect for the 96 (which was a touch of real class)The relevance and meaning of the song was the point, not a three letter sentence within the chorus. That sort of thing is why people are on the attack, but you knew that when you wrote the piece. You're not the first person to use Liverpool fans on twitter to get noticed, you wont be the last. Also bringing up spelling mistakes in an argument or debate is just childish, I mean who gives a FUK right?

    1. I would give your comment more attention and reply to your specific points, because I think you deserve that for writing something you've thought through and in which you have raised some interesting points, but to be honest, after all the nonsense I've had for this article (which obviously I did ask for, I was just expecting it to be more funny and less, well, creepy than it was), I'm now so thoroughly bored of defending it that I can't be arsed - it is what it is.

    2. Fair enough. I appreciate that it is all said in jest, or tongue and cheek if you prefer the saying. But it does come across very ott to generalise the lot of them. I.. as an Evertonian, find the manc fans the worst on twitter, they hunt in packs and use the term 'bin dipper' as a reply to every debate (at least I am trying to debate with them, they see it as a chance to attack)But I guess we all have different experiences in life. I really just feel you went too far bringing up anything to do with Hillsborough, that's real life non-football related pain. And they have had to deal with national slander by media and Government for quarter of a century. Delighted they were fully vindicated and cleared of everything related. Anyway, that's all I felt I needed to say.

    3. I didn't think what I said about the Christmas single was especially offensive - I am not about mocking the dead of any tragedy - but I think sufficient time has passed that milder jokes like that shouldn't be taboo. I saw plenty of similar jokes floating about when the song came out (which is why I say in the blog post that I know loads of them), and sure, it's not a particularly "good taste" thing, but neither is a rape joke, and a lot of comedians make them without people trying to find out where their family lives on Twitter!

    4. Hell, just saying anything bad about Liverpool is considered a provocation by those scummy shits. Liverpool supporters can fuck off and die.

    5. Yea that gives you the moral high ground mate.. "scummy shits. liverpool supporters can fuck off and die" Brilliant