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The "Pony in Small Things" List

I have seen a few people write lists of all the little things they like on blogs, such as my friend Sarah's "Grace in Small Things" lists on her blog. Well, that's all well and good, but this is Pony and Trap, so here is a rolling list of things which are to be hated. This list is for things. For people, see "Jonesey's Death List".

Anything on Doctor Who that is the result of a competition for school children.


Really tall sunflowers, especially when the petals have fallen off (they creep me out).

The Guardian.


That cartoon with Ricky Gervais.

"Nemi" - the comic strip in The Metro (even less funny than the usual newspaper comic shite).

The sound of someone eating an apple (cruchschlurp).

Malaria (a parasite of a mosquito? Surely the shittest creature in the world. And it failed to kill Cheryl Cole).

Five blade razors (seems a bit unnecessary).

Fancy names for what are essentially mongrels (cockapoo, labradoodle).

The Script (the band).

"Making of" documentaries (who cares, if I wanted to know how to make a fucking movie I would go to university).