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Jonesey's Death List

Oh, lighten up - I don't really want to actually kill these people, I'm just a fan of Kill Bill. Here is a list of people I do intensely dislike. (So far) it doesn't contain anyone I have actually met, so yes, I'm sure some of them are lovely people, but whatever... I'm not putting the reasons, it's more fun not to, and the list is in no particular order.

Ashley Cole

Donald Trump

Nigella Lawson

Nick Clegg

Cheryl Cole

Sarah Palin

Kerry Katona

Sebastian Coe

Fernando Torres

Polly Toynbee

Jennifer Lopez

Stephen Merchant

Robin Williams

Erin O'Connor

Tom Hanks

Laurie Penny

Amanda Holden

Michelle Bachmann

Tyler Perry

Danii Minogue

Robert Pattinson

James Patterson

Christiano Ronaldo

Stephanie Meyer

Richard Littlejohn


Connie Huq

James Corden